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Web Hosting: Tips for CMS Beginners

PHP is already included in the smallest Hosting Offers

Since 2013, the PHP, which is absolutely necessary for CMS operation, is already included in the smallest hosting offers of the large web hosters for 3–4 EUR.
For demanding CMS projects, I would not like to recommend low-performance cheap offers.

As soon as your online offer is a big business success, you will need your own web server, but until then – and for private individuals anyway – one of the many offers for shared hosting will suffice. Here, more or less many customers (isolated from each other) share one server ...

Shared Hosting: too many Customers per Server spoils the Performance

Check how many customer sites the hoster puts on one server:

If you want to know this in good time before you sign the contract, enter a domain in the input field that you know is hosted by the provider of your choice. There are hosters that guarantee a low maximum number of customers per virtual server. These are certainly not the cheapest rates, but they are also not necessarily the most expensive.

(little by little I will add more tips to this page – if you are interested, have a look at it again from time to time – thank you!)


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