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Web Hosting: Tips for CMS Beginners

PHP is already included in the smallest Hosting Offers

Since 2013, the PHP, which is absolutely necessary for CMS operation, is already included in the smallest hosting offers of the large web hosters for 3–4 EUR.
For demanding CMS projects, I would not like to recommend low-performance cheap offers.

A good Homepage is Advertising

Invest in a Hosting Plan…

For a commercial web presence the budget must not be too tight!
The above amount does not include several domains or consulting costs (web designer, advertising etc.).

Icon: Light bulbA badly made homepage harms your business

Do not rush anything, start small

If only a small CMS is needed and computer skills or time are very limited, you can start small with an instant homepage from the big web hosters.

icon: A light bulb as a hint for a tipOr get help from professionals …


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