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25.06.2020: All web page names have been changed to lower case (until now, initial letters were capitalized).

The website remained accessible during the changeover as long as menus were used and linked words were avoided.

Thousands of manually set links in manually written test reports had to be adjusted.

This was a hard work, which was greatly facilitated by the excellent text editor Textastic.

If a link does not yet work again, please call it up via the menu.

Background or rather the aim of the many work I do with it: Clean URLs, i.e. "clean URLs", which means internet addresses that do not contain question marks or other special characters, everything is written in lower case and only slashes as separator.  This makes it easier for people who want to remember Internet addresses and type them in manually on their smartphone or PC.

By the way, the search engines don't really care, they reward all websites with good search results, which care about the content for people.

Thank you for your attention, interest and patience!

I wish you a pleasant remaining week!

Michael Glaser

P.  S.: During this work (fortunately also a lot of automatic search & replace) I listened to the album of Depeche Mode: Construction Time Again (and all other albums as well). laugh



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