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Recommend good Web Addresses

Precondition to add a Web Address to my Link Collection

  1. Transport encryption TLS 1.2, better 1.3 (temporary exceptions for older existing entries)
  2. Mandatory data not hidden (Privacy Policy + Legal/Site Notice)
  3. a neat arrangement with clear menu navigation, matching colours
  4. correct spelling of course
  5. Browser-independent correct page display (valid CSS and HTML code)
  6. no violation of morality, law and order
  7. Menus/text must be readable without the need to install extensions (no ActiveX/Flash/JavaScript necessary)
  8. all (!) contributions of your web presence are also suitable for children's eyes (!)
  9. Pages have a short loading time even with a slow Internet connection
  10. Pages with large photos have a picture overview with reference to longer loading time
  11. who promises wealth through easy internet work or similar is dubious = no chance
  12. references to antisocial media (Facebook & Co.) are generally undesirable

Inquiries will not be answered at all if your data protection regulations are unreasonable!
I really do read the Legal/Site Notice, privacy policy and EULAs! This is part of the examination …

Occasional Review

This year I will check existing entries bit by bit to see if they are now only accessible with TLS encryption and do not support antisocial networks (…).
I have already started to write to affected webmasters …
Unfortunately I already had to remove some entries, because their operators obviously have no interest in a successful future for their website.


By the way...

Many English-language websites created exclusively by German-speaking web designers can be found immediately by searching for «Imprint» in a search engine …
It is the wrong translation for «Legal/Site Notice» and only ignorant German speaking webmasters use this word, which is never used for websites in English …

Web Addresses in lower case

24.06.2020: Web addresses (URLs) changed to lower case.

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