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Apple iPhone X: Reliability


Since putting into operation on 15.12.2017, the hardware has so far caused no problems. If that changes, I will document it here.
My iPhone I usually turn off never, but use it always discreet (I am not a "Smartphone Zombie") …
Before going to bed, I usually switch my iPhone to flight mode, which consumes 0–2% energy within 8 hours.


Also the operating system (iOS 11.2.1) runs on my iPhone X so far completely trouble-free.
Here I note all restarts with justification to give you an idea of the reliability.

16.12.2017: Initial setup and software update
00:24: Switched on for the first time (iOS version is at delivery 11.1.2).
02:34: Restart after software update to iOS version 11.2.1, System Build 15C153.

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