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Telekom Speedstick LTE III – LTE Modem as USB Stick

Conclusion: newest Technology at reasonable Price

This handy and universal mobile broadband modem with the design of an USB-Stick offers the newest wireless technology with a really reasonable price!

All current standards are includes, so it offers a very high data rate. At the sales start it had only 100 Mbit/s, but later on at 23.10.2013 an update from the mobile service provider brings the new download high speed of 150 Mbit/s also to this device. Cool Smiley

External Antenna can be connected

The included short USB cable gives you a little distance to the notebook. That can give an antenna gain while you have a poor signal.

In the angled position of the USB plug vertical operation is possible. Also by using the USB cable the Modem Stick stays vertical and stable on the desk.
Thereby it has a better radio reception as in horizontal position.

For very difficult cases with a very poor signal you can use the two antenna jacks to use an external antenna with higher gain.

Small Device with high Performance

I am very delighted with the Telekom Speedstick LTE III. I would buy it everytime again.


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