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LaCie Porsche Design Desktop Drive P’9230 5 TB

Test Result

This external hard drive has not disappointed me a single day to date, it is very fast and runs quietly.
Compared to its mobile sisters LaCie Porsche Design Mobile Drive P'9220 with 1TB and 2TB, this desktop model is equipped with a larger, louder 3.5-inch hard drive. So it's not completely silent like the 2.5-inch mobile models.
Since 06.06.2020 it can finally show what it's made of on the Apple MacBook Air (2020) via the AmazonBasics USB hub connected to USB 3.0. It is "incredibly" fast (subjective feeling of a long-time USB 2.0 user!).

A clear Recommendation to buy!

This model looks good, is well made and the very quiet operating noise is not unpleasant. When you operate it in a compartment under the desk top, the noise is usually below the perception threshold.

Unfortunately, this product is no longer available.

Please read the the page with current alternatives  from my recent hard disk test.


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