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LaCie Porsche Design Desktop Drive P’9230 5 TB

Buying Process

Almost every two to three years I look for a new external hard disk drive because the old ones will never run for much years, maybe one or two longer.
Before I lost data I better buy timely a new one and copy all data on it …
Another reason for a new hard disk can be the capacity of the older ones.

Now I want a new external hard disk drive to store all of my television films downloaded from on one big drive.

Therefore I visit my favourite department store Saturn in Frankfurt, Zeil 106-110

20.08.2016: There is only one exemplar of a LaCie Porsche Design P’9230 with five terabyte capacity in the shelf! Ten minutes later it is mine. Laughing
The price: 179.00 EUR.

My Sony VAIO Notebook has no USB 3.0 ports but USB 2.0 therefore it is compatible.

Photo: Box with LaCie Porsche Design P9230 Desktop Drive 5TB
Photo: LaCie Porsche Design P’9230 Mobile Drive 5 TB still in the original packaging

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