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CalenGoo Calendar

Best Calendar for iOS/iPadOS

Developer: Dominique Andre Gunia

Date of purchase: 01.09.2016 for 6.99 EUR

Rating: ***** 5 stars

Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Languages: German, Burmese, English, French, Italian, Dutch

Support: via Email (very nice contact to the developer, he is friendly, helpful and very competent!)

Own experience: Since 09.12.2011 I had been using the Android version. After buying my first iPhone, I first used Apple's calendar, then a few others from the App Store. None of them could convince me and I missed CalenGoo in the meantime. On 01.09.2016 I finally bought CalenGoo for iOS and was happy again. Same great user interface as on Android OS! Apple's calendar cannot compete with CalenGoo!

Also great without Google Calendar

Although the app is called "CalenGoo" because it is optimised to work with Google's online calendar, it is also perfect as a privacy-compliant calendar without Google, iCloud and Evernote!  I have described in detail how to set it up for this purpose below.

Setup to respect Privacy

The first time you start CalenGoo, two blue buttons with white text will appear below each other: Synchronise with [Google Calendar] or [iOS/iCloud].

If you select [iOS/iCloud], no Google account will be queried (and neither will iCloud!).

In CalenGoo Options/Accounts, enable [Show iPhone Calendar].

Without Google, iCloud, Evernote!

If not already done, configure a mail account on the iPhone:

Menu path: Settings/Passwords & Accounts/Add Account

Do not choose iCloud, Google, Yahoo!, Aol. or here, as they are all not really subject to European privacy laws!

It is better to entrust your data to a trusted German mail provider such as (or use CalenGoo only locally and in parallel Tutanota, whose calendar is far from being as extensive as you might think, so I'm going to go two ways with the calendar).

Light bulb for hintTutanota's calendar cannot be linked to CalenGoo. But I mention this mail provider because it is highly recommended, but their own calendar is still in beta status. Therefore CalenGoo is worthwhile even for Tutanota customers like me in the long run as a main calendar, possibly used locally and for copying important confidential appointments into the currently rudimentary calendar of Tutanota. It takes many years to develop a reliably running calendar with such a huge range of functions as CalenGoo!

Conclusion: highly recommended

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