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New at senseful online

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Welcome to sinnvoll‑

I had moved the old domain sinnvoll‑ to the new Internet Service Provider (ISP) a long time ago (and since then all calls to sinnvoll‑ were redirected).
Now sinnvoll‑ has the leading role again and .eu and .info redirect.

Provider Change

10.03.2020: Have now completely changed to the other ISP and have arranged the move of the remaining three domains.

Domain Transfer almost finished

12.03.2020: all three domains have moved; sinnvoll‑ already redirects to .de. senseful‑ + are still in (manual) work at the new provider.

13.03.2020: senseful‑ is ready and redirects foreign visitors to my English-language homepage sinnvoll‑

Domain Transfer finished

15.03.2020: sinnvoll‑ is now also ready. All domains incl. "Let's Encrypt" certificate.



Site Notice

Design of this Website

05.02.2020: In search of a more beautiful design, which meets my increased demands, last weekend I found a freely usable design template and put it online already largely adapted. Unfortunately it fits not all of my demands. Now I code a better one with the good code snippets of the new design template.