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Move successful

The website was temporarily unavailable for half an hour on 28.01.2020 due to switching to another Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Sorry! blush

Domain transfer follows now plays the leading role

The domain has been with the "new" ISP for a long time, so the relocation of the website was done quickly: download all files of the webspace from the old ISP, make a few small file changes, then upload everything to the webspace at the "new" ISP, done. If I hadn't made a mistake, it wouldn't have taken half an hour, but a minute!

The .eu domains have been set up as external domains at the new ISP for a long time and only need to be released at the old ISP for the domain transfer. I registered with the new ISP right away. will move at the beginning of March. The website remains unaffected.

Automatic redirection

Page requests to are redirected to as well as those to my other domains (,,



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Design of this Website

05.02.2020: In search of a more beautiful design, which meets my increased demands, last weekend I found a freely usable design template and put it online already largely adapted. Unfortunately it fits not all of my demands. Now I code a better one with the good code snippets of the new design template.