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Apple iPhone X

Buying Process

Pre-order and favorable Price thanks to Contract Extension

12.11.2017: By extending the contract of my mobile tariff Deutsche Telekom MagentaMobil XL Premium I can get a strongly reduced top smartphone every year.
Actually, I am very satisfied with the already purchased iPhone 8 and have read a lot of bad things about the iPhone X. Because I could resell it and am very happy with the mobile contract, I extend it and order an iPhone X with 256 GB in the color Space Grey. My reservation ticket received long before is to guarantee a preferential delivery, which I do not believe the Deutsche Telekom.

Thanks Reservation Ticket Delivery already before Christmas

15.12.2017: Would I have to wait a few more weeks without a reservation ticket? As a premium customer with reservation, I can pick up my iPhone X today!
Conclusion: The reservation ticket is pure marketing scam. Many new customers got their iPhone X without reservation long before existing customers.

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