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Apple iPhone X: Energy Saving Tips

The Battery Life depends very much on the ambient Conditions

At home, my iPhone X has a worse LTE reception (usually 1–2 out of 4 bars, I rarely see 3 out of 4 bars) than the previously used iPhone 8 (3–4 out of 4 bars).
At the workplace in another part of Frankfurt, the LTE supply is even better and at my preferred restaurants in different parts of the city, the mobile network with LTE is also excellent (data rate in practice: so far mostly 60 to 91 Mbit / s DL).
31.12.2017: I have disabled LTE for a short test: The 4–bar display does not show all 4 bars as before on previous iPhones, but only 2 of 4 bars.
This proves the statement of the trade magazine «connect», which gave the iPhone X for GSM and UMTS only the school grade «satisfactory» (LTE: «good»).

Increased Energy Consumption may be caused by Software

By very good coordination of hardware and software, the iPhone consumes little energy without playing external software.
Bloatware, thus from the customer not wanted commercial software from third-party manufacturers, there is not at Apple.
Free apps with advertising banners should be avoided because they all have your personal data, which are often even transmitted to dubious commercials several times a day – not infrequently unencrypted!

Even free apps without banner ads can be hidden spyware software! Therefore, you should choose apps in Apple's App Store very carefully. I mention this here, because unnecessary sending of data is not only morally questionable, but also empties the battery faster. So also important for fellow human beings, who at least want to protect the privacy of their friends (keyword: complete address book copy to FB or WA!).

I don't use any anti-social Web 2.0 garbage – fortunately it's not installed on iPhones ex works.

If you have Facebook or other apps belonging to the category «Web 2.0» installed and the battery is getting empty very quickly, try deleting these apps (make a backup before if these apps are strangely important to you! You will be amazed! If you can't believe it, search a search engine for appropriate keywords, then you'll find proven tips such as «Save energy by removing the Facebook app».

You do not have to manually exit Apps that are no longer needed

It's a myth that is stubborn like Android: closing apps after usage is designed to save energy and make the smartphone faster.
But also Apple's iOS remembers which applications were not used for the longest time and stops these when the memory becomes too tight (evidence).
On smartphones with very little memory, the operating system even terminates older apps more often than on devices with enough memory.

Settings which really help

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