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SanDisk Ultra microSDXC 200 GB

Field Test

Personal Experience with that Memory Card

Ordered online at Cyberport Dresden for my BlackBerry direct after the 50 EUR price-cut: 159,00 EUR only.
I was so nosy wether this memory card can be used with my daily driver BlackBerry P´9982 or not ...
Manufacturer information of BlackBerry: to 128 GB. Previous infomations has discribed 'to 32 GB'.

Big Collection of Music Files on microSDXC

I listen my music collection usually as MP3 files from a microSDXC memory card in my smartphone. Therefor I had converted my collection of purchased compact discs to MP3 with highest quality. Some CDs I have saved als WAVE (.wav) file.

Photograph not on slide film but digital on microSDXC

Photos made with my smartphone will be saved on the memory card in general.

Backup of the Backup

The complete data I copy with regularity to an external hard disk drive because even a memory card can have a defect or could be ruined by a malfunction of the device.

Current Using of this microSDXC

This memory card resides in my favourite smartphone BlackBerry P´9982.

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