Content Management System (CMS)

The English abbreviation CMS has become established in German-speaking countries. Such software is also used by online publishers, which is why it is also called an editorial system. Its main feature is the separation of content, data structure and design (layout) as well as the possibility of access control (user administration). Internet presences created with CMS have a clear menu structure and are therefore usually easy to use.

User-friendly CMS

Behind the scenes, things look very different. The backend, i.e. the user interface for the administrator/webmaster/editor, is user-friendly only with a few CMS. The prerequisite is always a web hosting offer with PHP. Most also need a MySQL database. Unfortunately, there are only a few fully recommendable CMS that do not require a database. All systems mentioned are suitable for websites with many hundreds of pages.


is based on an Open Source PHP Flat-File CMS, which the Dane Peter Harteg has published on 10.04.2003 named CMSimple 1.0.
It was very small - only 20 kB and hasn´t needed a database. Peter Harteg put his software under GPL3 on 01.01.2010, freeing it, as well as CMSimple_XH, from any link requirement. 2009 some users began working on a follow-up version while keeping the compatibility with the original program as far as possible. In agreement with Peter Harteg it was called CMSimple_XH (X for XHTML- and H for HTML-compliance). CMSimple_XH 1.0 was published in December 2009. The current version 1.72 was released on 21.12.2017.
CMSimple_XH needs no database like its predecessor and saves the content of your website in one text file. If anything is changed, CMSimple_XH files it with timestamp after your logout. Restore of saved content is similary easy. CMSimple_XH only requires PHP version 5.3 or higher. It also works well with PHP version 7.2.7. The administrative burden is very low. A user administration can be retrofitted with a plug-in. There is a large selection of responsive design templates. Highly recommended!


is unbeatable easy to use. Because of wrangling in the developer team the developing has stopped.
Some developers are gone and have further developed the ingenious WebsiteBaker with a new or modified name ...


Since November 2010 one of these further developed CMS is LEPTON. Whose developers are also wrangling. Originated of further wrangling more developers leave the team and some of them give it up completely.

Result of Struggling between the Developers were two other Forks

BlackCat CMS

is further development of LEPTON and not bad at all.

WBCE CMS - Way Better Content Editing

is a further development initiated from one web developer who needs WebsiteBaker urgently for his business and could not wait until the every last of the original team will continue the development. So he has begun his own fork and some WebsiteBaker friends and fans of the original version are working with him. This software is very easy to install and has a very nice user interface! Highly recommended!

PHP is already included in the smallest hosting offers

Since 2013, the PHP, which is absolutely necessary for CMS operation, is already included in the smallest hosting offers of the large web hosters for 3-4 EUR. For very demanding CMS projects, I would not like to recommend low-performance cheap offers. It is better to invest at least 10 EUR per month to have great fun with a small hobby website and 20 EUR per month to have great success with a commercial website (good homepage = good advertisement for your business)!
For a commercial web presence the budget must not be too tight, otherwise it does not make a good impression on the visitor = customer!

If a very small CMS is needed and computer knowledge or time is very limited, you can start with an instant homepage of the big webhosters.

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